aamra Open House 2015

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On November 03, 2015, aamra companies organized its fifth edition of Open House at the Lakeshore Hotel in Gulshan, Dhaka. Open House is an annual networking event, in which valued customers, partners, vendors and stakeholders of aamra companies meet and greet each other in a congenial environment to expand their business network and to polish their existing business relationship.

The day‐long event attracted around 2400 invited participants from across all industries. Microsoft, Airtel, Matrix, Polycom, Rosenberger, Thales, TPS and Infosys were the international participating partners and they were very excited to explore the ever‐growing possibilities in the IT and telecom market of Bangladesh, through this event.

Around 720 registered participants attended the SMART sessions conducted by the partners that included the following topics.
• aamra Smart Solutions session with media by aamra companies
• Banking ReNewal – New gen solutions for a Digital Age by Infosys
• Enterprise Video Surveillance Solution by Matrix
• Modern Workplace and Microsoft Cloud by Microsoft
• Work Place of the Future by Polycom
• Digitizing Taka Payment by TPS

One of the biggest attractions of the day was Q&A session on ‘ICT growth prospects, knows no boundaries’ and the below list of distinguished business personnel participated as panelists:

1. Mr. Syed Farhad Ahmed (Moderator), Managing Director, aamra companies
2 . Mr. Syed Faruque Ahmed, Chairman, aamra companies
3 . Mr. Shameem Ahsan, President, BASIS
4 . Mr. Abrar Anwar, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh
5 . Mr. Anjan Chowdhury, Managing Director, Square Toiletries Limited
6 . Ms. Sonia Bashir Kabir, Managing Director, Microsoft, Bangladesh
7. Mr. Shehzad Munim, Managing Director, British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB)
8. Mr. Rajeev Sethi, Chief Executive Officer, Grameen Phone Limited

All the visitors including the guests and all IT enthusiasts showed great interest in all event features and made full use of the opportunity to socialize with each other. Speaking about the event Managing Director of aamra companies Syed Farhad Ahmed said, “An event like this brings all of our customers into one place and we get an opportunity to meet them personally.”

“It’s wonderful to see all our partners participating here. By coming here, both our customers and our partners see a different sight of our business,” added the Chairman of aamra companies Syed Faruque Ahmed. aamra companies, thanks all its stakeholders, partners and guests for making the event successful through their lively participation.