aamra-BGMEA Signs MoU for BGMEA Innovation Lab

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aamra Resources Limited (ARL), the premier RMG machinery and equipment solution provider in Bangladesh has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) regarding collaboration on ‘BGMEA Innovation Lab’.

BGMEA Innovation Lab shall be a first of its kind, state of the art, center of excellence for research and innovation of garments technologies in Bangladesh. The MOU signing was conducted in BGMEA office at Gulshan, Dhaka, on 14 December 2020. As per the agreement, Lectra and aamra will work as partners to establish a state-of-the-art BGMEA innovation center which will be a showcase of digitalization and integration of industry 4.0 in the textiles sector.

‘By coming forward for this BGMEA Innovation Lab, aamra has done BGMEA and the entire nation a huge service. To be innovative and adaptive to these changing times is a must, interoperability is a key requirement. Together we hope to set up the best possible center for excellence and innovation’ – said Dr. Rubana Huq, President, BGMEA.

Syed Farhad Ahmed, Managing Director, aamra companies said – ‘Technology is advancing at an unpredictable rate. It’s imperative that we make innovation and R&D our priority. aamra has always been and shall remain an active advocate of BGMEA’s innovation efforts.’

Dignitaries present at the signing included Dr. Rubana Huq, President, BGMEA; Mr. Arshad Jamal (Dipu), Vice President of BGMEA; Mr. Wasim Zakariah, Chairman of Standing Committee on RDTI & SDGs at BGMEA; Mr. Sohel Ahmed, COO of aamra Resources Limited (ARL); Mr. Khaled Ahamed Nur, COO, aamra Networks Limited (ANL) & Mr. Shamim Masudul Haque, DGM of aamra Resources Limited (ARL). Mr. Syed Farhad Ahmed, Managing Director of aamra companies and Mr. David LEPROVOST, Managing Director of Lectra Systems were present virtually.

BGMEA shall avail 3D pattern drawing and design hardware and software from Lectra, powered by aamra. aamra shall also provide training and manpower for establishment of BGMEA Innovation Lab which will be one of the best learning and practicing center in Bangladesh for the purpose of taking our RMG sector to next level.