aamra offers surveillance solutions that reflect our commitment to high-tech security with ease-of-use and mobility. Stepping ahead from traditional Reactive Surveillance, aamra offers range of Proactive Surveillance solutions with industrial-grade features.

Key Features:

  • Centralized Monitoring Solution (CMS): options to add unlimited recording devices, audiovisual alert and remote configuration
  • Enterprise Video Management Solution (EVMS): consolidated live-view by aggregating multiple video streams from different cameras and locations
  • Efficient bandwidth managementand flexible camera maneuvering: supported with state of the art video analytics (on-device and server side storage, false alarm detection, video and data analysis, etc.)
  • Real-time fail proof monitoring: incase of a storage corruption, video tampering, intrusion detection or objects missing, multiple users can be notified using SMS and Email alerts
  • Instant Alerts: System will notify instantly if a fault is detected in any of the storage units or CPUs
  • Multi-tiered Solutions: Multiple recording, mirroring and data backup system from various locations.
  • Live view support: ease of access for Small Business Solutions (SBS) and residences from any portable device on multiple platforms (iOS and Android)
  • Access Control Integration: can be combined with various surveillance solutions to ensure control of premises.

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