Md. Mahbubor Rahman

Deputy General Manager,
Core Network

Join Date: 2001-04-30
Phone: +8801713064536
LinkedIn: Md. Mahbubor Rahman

Md. Mahbubor Rahman is the Deputy General Manager, Core Network at aamra Networks Limited. He has been a part of the aamra family since April 2001. He has been in the IT sector for the over 15 years and has extensive knowledge and experience in working with CISO, bandwidth, maintenance of Linux Servers and other IT Infrastructure. He has thorough knowledge of Network setup and maintenance, DNS Server, Mail Servers etc. He monitors and the Core Network team and guides them to success.

He joined aamra as System Administrator and later became the Assistant General Manager before becoming the Deputy General Manager of aamra Networks Limited. Prior to joining aamra, he worked in Information Service Network (ISN).