Khandaker Mohd. Moinuddin

General Manager,
Credit Control

Join Date: 2003-05-20
Phone: +8801713064536
LinkedIn: Khandaker Mohd. Moinuddin

Khandaker Mohammad Moinuddin is a progressive and dynamic corporate leader with 17+ years of experience in the field of Credit Control. He has an impressive track record of controlling the credit in his credentials. He joined aamra in June 2003 as Manager. Over the years, he has risen through the ladder due to his persistence and hard work. During his long tenure at aamra, he has successfully performed in various roles, i.e. Senior Manager, Assistant General Manager and Deputy General Manager. His skills and experience has facilitated his growth opportunities and, this in turn, has widely contributed to the progress of the company. Moin is popular for his casual and approachable personality, this has helped him build a wide network of acquaintances, friends and well-wishers in the business community. In addition to Credit Control, Moin played a critical part in the site acquisition and legal aspects of aamra WiFi since 2015. Due to his strategy and relentless pursuit, aamra WiFi project oversaw massive expansion, specifically in the HORECA and International Airports. Additionally, Moin assists Management by maintaining liaison with top business leaders of the country. He is renowned to be an expert negotiator; his frank, honest and friendly attitude helps reach mutual and win-win business resolutions between aamra and its clients.

Prior to joining aamra, he worked in Bengal Fine Ceramics. With his innate communication and inter-relationship skills, he leads the Credit Control with efficiency and vision.